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Spotted Deer: Ranchi Zoo To Give Away 300 Extra Animals To Ptr | Ranchi News


Daltonganj: Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, also known as Ranchi zoo, has written a letter to Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) on October 13 showing interest to give away extra animals to them. Extra animals at zoo include spotted deer (250), sambars (10), black bucks (20), nilgai (8), barking deer (10) and gaur/bison (2).
Deputy director of PTR’s south division, Kumar Ashish said, “We are happy to note that Ranchi zoo is ready to part with us the extra animals it has. Our field director Kumar Ashutosh had written to Ranchi zoo to get details so that formal proposal can be sent to the Central Zoo Authority and the National Tiger Conservation Authority for transfer.”
Assistant conservator of forest at Ranchi zoo, Ashok Singh said, “There is a space crunch for the resident animals here. The zoo is spread on 104 hectares. 23 hectares is for offices, residences of officers and staff, aquarium, butterfly park etc. Once these 300 animals are taken out of the zoo, there will be adequate space for existing animals.” TNN
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