RAF Lyrics – The Weeknd ft. Drake English Song

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RAF Lyrics in English

Bitches on me like designer
All of my bitches they finer
Gucci on me with the tiger
Smoking that weed I get higher
Fucking that bitch till I’m tired
Sippin on lean apple cider
Got lost in my drank had to find her
Nut in her eye bitch I blind her
Fuckin three bitches like trilogy
Call me The Weeknd that’s literally
She spin on my dick like she fidgeting
But we respecting women and that’s chivalry
3 diamond chains like the Migos
Ball like Steve Nash with the free throw
Bitches on me it’s a curse
But I got that bag it’s secured

I got the raf
I got the raf
Like I’m A$AP
Counting up racks….(x4)

RAF Lyrics Video Song

RAF Lyrics Details

Song: RAF
Artist: The Weeknd
Album: Born Brokenhearted
Feature Artist: Drake
Release: 2018


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