LITTY FREESTYLE LYRICS – Joyner Lucas New Song 2018

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LITTY FREESTYLE Lyrics in English

What’s up with you R and b
Niggas try na turn rappers and
Trappers joyner Joyner
You should just stay in your
Lane brother you sound like paragraph
The rapper yeah yeah
I’m looking down on you when
You talk to me you should grab you a ladder
You swung at me only jabbed at my bladder
Watch you disappear like
You abra ka dabra poos’

Now grab me a dagger
You got some hits but you lacking a swagger yeah
I’m still the shit bitch so that doesn’t matter
Don’t call me a kid i’m your
Papi & dadaay ha ha ha

You get splattered and flattened
You an’ trippie better have you some backup hole up
Ren and stimpy looking agi’ and staggered
And when i kill ’em they get madder and madder
Time to get litty bitch fu^K all that singer yeah
You challenge me what the F^^K is you thinking Voo
Way too much weed what the F^^K is you drinking
I brought the tsunami you F^^Kers are sinking brr
I’m glad that you came
Leave all that lyrical shit up to
Me i’m a savage that bang
Bring all your Prada suits back to lee chang brr
Take all that auto tune back to t-pain
I swear you r and b rappers is strange
You okay but you ain’t nobody favorite yeah
You alight but you ain’t nobody major
5’3″ you ain’t nobody dangerous bra
Maybe that weed you were smoking
Had you feeling confident
Let’s have a real conversation boom
Maybe that doctor put something inside of your head
When you got your new hairline replacement brr
Why you bring my name up in the first place toy huh
You ain’t F^^King with me on my worst day toy
Wasn’t better than me when i was in first grade toy
We can do this every year or on
Your birthday toy
Dook dook dook dook
Every summer every winter
Every earth day tory joyner
Every tuesday every thursday toy
It’s gon’ be a mother f$$$ anniversary toy
You done f$$$ up now you need first
Aid troy dook dook dook dook
I’m the leader of the new school
With a screw loose Voo
All you niggas blues clues
With a fruit juice Voo
Turn your jimmy choo shoes into fubu
Nigga you do what you can
I do what i choose to
I get titty in this bitch for my city uh
Only few real niggas left they ain’t many uh
They compare me to em they
Compare you to piggy oh
They compare me to meth they compare you to glizzy oh oh
I’m Leonardo da vincible i paint a picture with color
I already got cake and i don’t need a butler yeah
We already got drake and we don’t need another
I don’t really got space but i’m a eat your supper wo
You know Joyner got a hotter flow
I’ma do what Travis should’ve did a while ago Voo
I’ma do what drake should’ve did a while ago
Throw your ass off a cliff make you say “Geronimo”
Then you had one chance now you slumped on duh
Go back in the booth make another love song duh
What you gone do when the F^^King blunt’s gone
‘Cause i wanted all the smoke
I ain’t even puff long no
Nigga i been packing a black mac
With it wrapped in a backpack
With a stack and i’m mad max in
The back of the black cab
With a get and a snap back put a cap in yo’ back fat
Murder you and your wack little cat in the hat raps
Finna stab if you jab back and i clap at you mad fast
When you sing you ain’t half bad but you rapping like rs asks
And i bet that you mad sad ’cause you ’bout to get laughed at
And buried in trash bags and left in a hatchback my nigga
Jamming in front of the corner store whoa
Mobbin’ a lot in the corridor whoa
Breaking some shit you don’t want no more
Fighting when nobody want a war
Rob at the haters gon’ sing like the commodores
I got some shit you ain’t saw before
Swallow the key and i lock the door
Tory you ain’t gotta hide no more
Come out and play you my prey you the goat I’m a dinosaur

Oh you wan’ hate that’s normal
You just gonna do what you supposed to ‘posed to
I remember when them hoes called me old news
Now when they cheat i’m the go-to joyner
Word on the street’s i ain’t one to get close to
I was hopeless now i’m hopeful uh
I done made my own way like i’m supposed to
All you niggas did what you was told to yeah
Tory why all your songs always
Sound like a rerun nigga huh
I just want my mother f### refund nigga huh
Funny looking ass go and eat some’ nigga
I ain’t never had to get my F^^King teeth done nigga ha ha ha
When i kill you i ain’t running to you bleed some nigga uh
Oh you wan’ be some nigga uh
Me and 6ix9ine had trippie redd bitch on the couch
She was giving us a threesome nigga

You bring my name up in the
First place tory yeah
You ain’t F^^King with me on
My worst day tory uh
Wasn’t better than me when
I was in first grade tory
We can do this every year on
Your birthday tory brr
Every summer every winter
Every earth day tory
Every tuesday every thursday tory
It’s gon’ be a mother F^^King anniversary tory
You done F^^Ked up now you need first aid tory
Shit damn
So now that we got that
Out the way humph
Let’s make a record nigga
Ha ha ha ha ha joyner…



Song: Litty Freestyle
Artist: Joyner Lucas
Music: Joyner Lucas
Lyrics: Joyner Lucas
Release: 2018


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