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Durga Puja: Durga Puja Pandals See A Wave Of Enthusiasts On Mahashtami | Ranchi News


Ranchi/ Jamshedpur: Devotees and enthusiasts celebrated the auspicious Durga Mahashtami Puja with ‘Kanya Puja’ on Sunday. The rituals involve worshiping young girls as representatives of the divine feminine energy.
The Kanya Puja began with the young girls being welcomed with great reverence. The committee members, clad in vibrant traditional clothes, washed the feet of the girls and adorned them with new accessories.
Amidst devotional chants and the fragrance of incense, the girls were revered as the living embodiment of the Goddess, and devotees sought their blessings by touching their feet.
A priest at Durgabari said, “The occasion was not only a spiritual one but also aimed to honour and empower young girls, highlighting the significance of the divine feminine in our society.”
A resident of Sujata, Somnath Sarkar, said, “The Kanya Puja ceremony holds immense significance in our culture and we are happy to have celebrated this auspicious occasion with utmost devotion.”
Melodious chants and hymns reverberated in the air of the Bangali Mandap, Hinoo as devotees performed rituals, praying for the blessings of the divine. The sandhya aarti, held as the Sun began to set, created a serene atmosphere.
The president of the Hinoo Puja committee, Kaushik Chandra, said, “The committee ensured that every devotee left the event feeling blessed as prasad (sacred food offering) was distributed to all attendees. The atmosphere reverberated with joy.”
Meanwhile, the festivities rode a crescendo in Jamshedpur as the sea of humanity filled the pandals on Sunday.
Thakur Pyara Singh Dhurandhar Singh Durga Puja in Kashidih, Young Boys Club Puja in Rani Kudar, Tarun Sangh Durga Puja in Sonari, Cinema Maidan Durga Puja in Sidhgora, Bagbera Durga Puja, Sarvajanin Durga Puja in Telco, among several others, witnessed heavy footfalls since evening.
“Puja samitis have constructed pandals that are not grand and vibrant, after the Covid-pandemic,” said Dharmendra Singh (53) , a Kadma resident, who was pandal hoping with his family.
Likewise, 28-year-old mechanical engineer Ankit Pathak said he has never missed the Durga Puja celebrations in his home state since his childhood.
“Apart from the pandal hopping, it is the street food that draws me to the city during the Pujas even when I was studying engineering in Delhi,” he said.
The Tarun Sangh Durga Puja Committee in Sonari (West), which has installed a 22-feet-high idol of Goddess Durga, is seeing a rush of the devotees and enthusiasts. The idol was made by President awardee Sanatan Rudrapal from West Bengal.
Further, the pandal, which is a replica of Akshardham temple, is magnificent and sparkling. “We are celebrating the golden jubilee of our Puja. Hence, we have organised the celebrations on a grand scale,” said Utpal Ghosh of the committee.
The puja mela (fair) at Burma Mines and Sakchi Aam Bagan was crowded even during the late hours on Mahasaptami on Saturday. The amusement rides at Burma Mines circus ground saw families enjoying the ride with their children.
“We go out for pandal hopping after the dinner as the rush on the roads and inside the pandals during the wee hours is relatively less,” said Arindam Pal, who was with his two teenage wards at the circus ground.
Though all roads are leading to the Puja pandals particularly big pandals, some are celebrating Puja quietly.
“We celebrate Navratri at the Gujrati Sanatan Samaj hall all nine days. We enjoy watching garbha dance in the evenings. Sometimes we go to the Puja pandal in the neighbourhood,” said Harjeet Singh Bhatia and wife Sweety, residents of Ramdas Bhatta in Bistupur.


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