Abulia and Akrasia Lyrics – Jack White

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Abulia and Akrasia Lyrics in English

These are my demands
I renounce wholeheartedly
In this extreme abjuration
That which I repudiate so vehemently
Adamantly unrepentant
Implacable and intractable
I abdicate with inexorable pleasantry
In this solemn refutation
This most earnest repudiation
I shall not negate
That which I state irrevocably
But I do it so gently
That you cannot resent me
For this humble request of my company
So with time left permitting
And while we’re still sitting
May I please have another cup of tea…

Abulia and Akrasia Lyrics Video Song

Abulia and Akrasia Lyrics Details

Song: Abulia and Akrasia
Artist: Jack White
Album: Boarding House Reach
Released: 2018
Genre: Alternative/Indie


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