Maine Association of Conservation Commissions

Seven Reasons to Join
The Maine Association of Conservation Commissions

1.  The community wants their conservation commission to be in communication with other commissions around the state, to be aware of the kinds of projects others are doing, to have peers to go to for advice and counsel regarding their own work, and to generally learn from the experience of others. At its heart, MEACC is a network of people engaged in the same kind of activity.

2.  The community wants information about topics that are relevant to its work, such as regional or statewide initiatives (e.g., managing town forests), funding sources (e.g., public or foundation grants), or meetings and events that align with local interests.

3.  The community wants to attend events sponsored by MEACC, such as workshops that are available to members only or that cost more for non-members to attend.

4.  The community wants a source of information relating to the operation of their conservation commission – from dealing with local officials to developing proposed policies – someone to call when they are wondering "What do we do now?"

5.  The community wants to be part of a special MEACC project. Currently we have two: open space planning and controlling invasive species. These are efforts involving multiple commissions working together on a single issue of interest to all.

6.  The community wants to contribute their own experience to the collective knowledge base by, for example, writing a case study of a particularly successful project and sharing their learning with others. The community may also value the local, regional and statewide recognition such efforts can bring and the value of that recognition when it comes to having credibility within their own town.

7.   The community believes in the mission of conservation commissions and the important role municipalities can play in protecting Maine's quality of place. The community wants to support efforts to promote the role of conservation commissions in Maine and to see their numbers expand.

In short, being a municipal member of the Maine Association of Conservation Commissions is not just about what a commission gets for its annual dues. It is also about what they are willing to contribute in support of municipal conservation efforts in Maine.